Sunday, 21 March 2010

Day 29 - Inquest and Plan

I tried to trade the dogs yesterday and failed miserably. The Wales v Italy game was on TV and I punted £30 on over 46.5 points and managed to fall short by just a few. In the Midlands Grand National I narrowed my selections down to two but put £10 on the wrong one ! Those were the bad points of the day but everything else went well. I managed to trade out of the Over 2.5 markets just at the right time in most of the games. I hadn't realised that there had been an early goal in the Spanish game until after about 18 minutes and could have screwed a few more pounds profit if I hadn't been watching a cowboy film on TV. Nevertheless, profit in all football matches and my bank is at its highest since I started my blog.

Russian football on ESPN at 11.00 am today and price for Over 2.5 goals is high so I've had a go at it. I can't fail to be in profit now and can afford to be a little adventurous. It would be nice to crawl over the £600 barrier today and I'll do my best.

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