Thursday, 28 October 2010

A Rebirth !

So, all on my own, I start again and will post from the beginning of November.

Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Day 30 - The Finale

My target had been to get to £600. I should have achieved this on my last day. I had placed a bet on Over 2.5 goals in the Zenit v Moscow game on televised on ESPN on Sunday morning but I had to go out so I missed the kickoff. On my return I found I was in profit , about £5, but instead of taking it, I stayed in and ended up losing. The Man Utd game was an easy win but the Chelsea game disappointed. Lots of goal scoring chances but only the two actually scored.

Today I lost my discipline and tried too hard to crawl over the £600 barrier. Had I settled for small profits, I would have achieved this.

So, my blog is at an end. I have been inhibited in placing some bets but might have gained overall by doing fewer frivolous bets during the period.

My total profit was £200.50.

Thanks for your patience.

Sunday, 21 March 2010

Day 29 - Inquest and Plan

I tried to trade the dogs yesterday and failed miserably. The Wales v Italy game was on TV and I punted £30 on over 46.5 points and managed to fall short by just a few. In the Midlands Grand National I narrowed my selections down to two but put £10 on the wrong one ! Those were the bad points of the day but everything else went well. I managed to trade out of the Over 2.5 markets just at the right time in most of the games. I hadn't realised that there had been an early goal in the Spanish game until after about 18 minutes and could have screwed a few more pounds profit if I hadn't been watching a cowboy film on TV. Nevertheless, profit in all football matches and my bank is at its highest since I started my blog.

Russian football on ESPN at 11.00 am today and price for Over 2.5 goals is high so I've had a go at it. I can't fail to be in profit now and can afford to be a little adventurous. It would be nice to crawl over the £600 barrier today and I'll do my best.

Saturday, 20 March 2010

Day 28 - Inquest and Plan

A pleasant Cheltenham. I had been tipping the winner of the Gold Cup since Christmas and it was no surprise to me that Imperial Commander won and Kauto Star would fall. I love Cheltenham and don't care if I win or lose. Can't be bothered to work it out precisely but I ended up about evens and that's more than most would have done this year.

I took a loss of about £16 on the Bundesliga game last night in a game which was totally boring. Thereis something radically wrong with German people who can whirl scarves around their heads for ninety minutes watching this garbage.

This is my penultimate day in the life of my blog and I'm happy that I am going to have some sort of bank left on Monday morning.

I tried trading on the dogs this morning but it is simply not for me. I managed to lose over £7 on one race. Given the average profit per race seems to be about 14p, I don't think have enough time left to me on this planet to attempt to recover losses by continuing to trade them

I placed £40 on the Hearts v Hibs game @ 2.6and jumped out after the second goal giving me a profit of about £36 so a good start.

I am in the Over 2.5 market in the Villa v Wolves game and after 9 minutes no goals but good game.

Three international rugby games one after the other. Arsenal v West Ham, Real Madrid v Sporting Gijon and Palermo v Inter all look to be sporting bets for Over 2.5 and I'll probably do them too.

I am playing with Mr Betfair's money now and and am quite pleased with how things have gone so far.

Friday, 19 March 2010

Day27 - Inquest and Plan

I was quite happy with my Cheltenham meeting yesterday although I made a loss. Cheltenham is to be enjoyed winning or losing. I am delighted to be able to enter the final day with my bank intact.

Encouraged by other members of Geek's Forum I had a go at trading greyhounds but was greedy and placed bets which were far too high in two races and ended up losing. My mistakes have been pointed out to me by Mr ScumbagTrader and I'll definitely try again now I know where I went wrong yesterday.

Nobody could have failed to win in the Over 2.5 goals market yesterday as the goals flew in everywhere. I greened after the first goal in every game. I would have won far more if I'd allowed all the bets to run but that's the way it goes. If they had all ended up 1 - 0 I would be sick.

My cheeky bet was on Wolfsburg scoring the first goal in extra time. I did it because they had home advantage. Very good reason, very sensible, but why did they wait unti the last minute of the second period to score ?

I'll be doing my usual Heinz bet today in the hope of hitting the jackpot and trading the individual horses in running.
My selections are :

Westlin' Winds
European Dream
The Betchworth Kid
Trust Fund
Clova Island
Beggars Cap

The seventh race is the Gold Cup and I will just do a single bet on Imperial Commander.

I might do the Overs in the televised Bundesliga game tonight, FC Koln v Munchengladbach, but I have no strong views and may sit out waiting for better football and rugby prospects over the weekend.

Thursday, 18 March 2010

Day 26 Inquest and Plan

I had one winner at Cheltenham yesterday, Spirit River, but, unfortunately, because of a poor camera angle, head on, as the horses went down the hill, I closed the bet too soon. That cost me about £100 in extra winnings.

The football went according to plan and I greened early in both being happy to have profits in all events.

I will be doing my Heinz bet this afternoon, and this time, if they all win, my profit will only be £350,000.

My selections are :

China Rock
Price Erik
Tranquil Sea
Tidal Bay
Watch My Back

The two Europa League games look as though they might have goals in them, particularly the Liverpool game and it is very likely that Over 2.5 markets will be the answer again.

I provide my profit/loss account and last part of my statement for yesterday.

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

Day25 - Inquest and Plan

My selections for Cheltenham ran reasonably well. Exmoor Ranger fell and he was my nap. Amber Brook finished fourth at a big price but I didn't back him for a place. I lost about £40 on racing, and for a losing day at cheltenham, that was disciplined by my usual standards.

My biggest disappointment was the low scoring in the Chelsea v Inter Milan game. I was lucky t be able to save some of my stake.

I will be doing my daily Heinz at Cheltenham and my selections are

Summit Meeting
Diamond Harry
Kalahari King
Spirit River
Kudu Country

Once more, a £1,000,000 for six winners. Will back them individually and trade in running if possible.

My selection for the last race is Tavern Times.

I will almost certainly back Over 2.5 goals in tonights Barcelona V Stuttgart game.