Saturday, 20 March 2010

Day 28 - Inquest and Plan

A pleasant Cheltenham. I had been tipping the winner of the Gold Cup since Christmas and it was no surprise to me that Imperial Commander won and Kauto Star would fall. I love Cheltenham and don't care if I win or lose. Can't be bothered to work it out precisely but I ended up about evens and that's more than most would have done this year.

I took a loss of about £16 on the Bundesliga game last night in a game which was totally boring. Thereis something radically wrong with German people who can whirl scarves around their heads for ninety minutes watching this garbage.

This is my penultimate day in the life of my blog and I'm happy that I am going to have some sort of bank left on Monday morning.

I tried trading on the dogs this morning but it is simply not for me. I managed to lose over £7 on one race. Given the average profit per race seems to be about 14p, I don't think have enough time left to me on this planet to attempt to recover losses by continuing to trade them

I placed £40 on the Hearts v Hibs game @ 2.6and jumped out after the second goal giving me a profit of about £36 so a good start.

I am in the Over 2.5 market in the Villa v Wolves game and after 9 minutes no goals but good game.

Three international rugby games one after the other. Arsenal v West Ham, Real Madrid v Sporting Gijon and Palermo v Inter all look to be sporting bets for Over 2.5 and I'll probably do them too.

I am playing with Mr Betfair's money now and and am quite pleased with how things have gone so far.

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